NEWS UPDATE for March 12:

Alright everyone, we have a date set for the video premiere: April
27, 2018! And I suppose you’re ready for some information on this
mysterious video, eh? Here’s a quick rundown:
Video/Song title: “The Camera’s On”
Starring: Danny Shorago and Chriselda Pacheco
Directed by: Andrew Aidman
Mark your calendars for the 6 th and check back here for updates,
links and news. I cannot wait to share this with you all!

NEWS UPDATE for March 9:

Hey everyone~ preparing to play some boogie woogie piano at
the Valley Ragtime Stomp in Canoga Park, CA tomorrow~ always
a fun time on the second Saturday of every month! Keeping my
piano chops ready for my record release shows and more. I do
dig dipping into standards and playing vintage music~ seemingly
a bit of a lost art out in the world these days. There are so many
cool songs from back in the early 20 th century which I have really
been enjoying learning and playing. Come on out if you are in
SoCal~ it’s free, family friendly and runs 2-5pm at Henri’s
Restaurant. More info at

NEWS UPDATE for March 6:

I’m back in the studio this week with Fernando Perdomo putting
the final touches on the mixes for the new album. Once we are
done, mastering will commence and we’ll be working towards the
record release in Spring followed by a live concert (with a string
section!) to commemorate. The video is done and it’s a doozy!
I’ve been describing it as a cross between Reservoir Dogs and
Eyes Wide Shut but you’ll have to see it for yourself. It’s the most
exciting video I’ve ever made and I’m thrilled with how it turned
out. We aimed to make a true piece of cinema and I feel we
reached our goal. Once the video is released, we’ll be submitting

it to film festivals world wide both as a music video and a short
film. Release is set for early April and we’ll create an event to
premiere it. Sign up for my email list and be the first to know when
and where it’s all going down. Thanks!

NEWS UPDATE for March 4:

Hi everyone~ welcome to my new website! Really excited to have
a central location for all things music and video, as I’m getting
ready to release my brand-new music video and album! I have
been working on them in total secrecy and can’t wait to release
them to the world. This is the first time I’ve added live strings to
my music and I’ve created a new sound that I’m finding hard to
describe. My last attempt to do so came out as “Van Morrison
producing Rush doing a cover of Philadelphia Freedom for the
sequel to Taxi Driver”… but that only covers one song! In any
case, I think you will be surprised and delighted by what’s in store
and I hope you’ll stay tuned right here. Sign up to my email list
and get the latest updates and news before anyone else. More
soon~ thanks for visiting!